Alabama Industrial Development Training Institute

AIDT provides a comprehensive recruiting and training program for new and expanding industries. It is intended to support the creation of new jobs, not for turnover or for the retention of existing jobs. Also, it is designed to train groups of at least ten in number, for jobs that pay at least $10.00 per hour.

Attitude is a key indicator in trainee selection. Rigorous screening and interviewing with input from company representatives allows AIDT to identify the most highly qualified and experienced employee candidates. Applicants who do not meet all standards a company requires of its employees are not accepted for training.

Persons who meet the selection criteria are enrolled in job-specific, pre-employment training for detailed assessments of attitude, character, work ethic, literacy, teamwork and technical learning ability. Trainees who do not perform at company-defined skill and behavior standards are dropped from the program.  Those who successfully complete the training program are highly motivated, technically proficient and perform above expectations.

Gadsden State Community College and the Alabama Technology Network's center in Gadsden frequently participate with AIDT, enabling them to assist the company with its on-the-job training and other long-term needs after AIDT's pre-employment training program is completed.

To begin the process, AIDT staff members meet with company representatives at their convenience. Through discussions, they identify needed employee skills and knowledge, establish the training criteria and timetable, decide on curricula content, and define required behavior and performance standards to determine what the company expects of its employees.

In conjunction with the Gadsden Career Center, AIDT then recruits and screens trainees for potential employment. AIDT interviews and enrolls into training only those acceptable to the company. Our labor market has consistently allowed AIDT to generate a sufficient number of qualified applicants for each job opening, allowing a high degree of selectivity. Only those trainees who successfully complete the program and exhibit motivation for the job are recommended for employment.

AIDT assumes all reasonable costs of program development, instructors, instructional space, equipment, consumable supplies, and training aids such as manuals, workbooks, videotapes and films.

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