Jay Mid South Adding Jobs

Jay Mid South, which is supplying seating part components for the Hyundai Sonata produced in Montgomery, soon will be adding employees as another Hyundai vehicle goes into production at the Montgomery plant.

Jay Mid South operations manager Rich Osborne said the Gadsden plant, which went into production last year, currently employs about 90 people.

That number will increase as it begins producing parts for the Hyundai Sante Fe, a sport utility vehicle, which will be made in Montgomery along with the Hyundai Sonata.

Osborne did not know how many or when the positions would be filled.

“It’s based on how soon they want us to bring this program up,” Osborne said. He said the scheduling would depend on a number of variables, such as the number of parts needed and how quickly they will be needed.

The plant produces the seating parts for the Lear Corp., which supplies parts to Hyundai.

Osborne said most of the hiring depends on new equipment coming into the plant and training existing workers for the new parts that will be produced.

The firm is seeking material handlers, robot/machine operators, rework welders, assemblers, quality technicians and maintenance technicians.

Osborne did not know how many jobs would be created here but that people interested in positions will need to go through training that is offered by the Alabama Industrial Development Training. The training is offered at night to allow trainees to continue working at their current jobs. The training is provided at no cost but employment is not guaranteed to all trainees.

People interested in positions should contact the Gadsden Career Center, which houses the Employment Security Office, at 216 N. Fifth St., or call the office at (256) 546-4667.

Online information is available at www.aidt.edu/companyjobs.html or www.joblink.alabama.gov.

He said Jay Mid South wanted the applications so the company would have them on hand when it needs to begin filling the positions.

By Andy Powell
Times Staff Writer