Decatur Plastics Locates In Airport Industrial Park

Decatur Plastic Products, an Indiana-based, automotive specialty company, is completing construction on a $2 million, 50-employee plant in the Gadsden Airport Industrial Park. Occupancy is scheduled for December.

The company will apply decorative/protective coatings (called flocking) to plastic injection molded parts made by Delphi Automotive Systems for Mercedes Benz SUVs produced in Vance, Alabama.

John Kussman, president, said, “The patience, hard work and tenacity of city and industrial development officials have paid off,” he said. “These people, involved in the site selection process with us, knew we had to resolve some issues regarding a southern location. We had worked many months compiling information and preparing various financial pro-formas in order to make a sound decision regarding our future manufacturing plans for flocking.”

Mike McCain, executive director of the Gadsden-Etowah County Industrial Development Authority said, “The work of Mayor Steve Means, the support of the Gadsden city council, commitments by the Bevill Manufacturing Technology Center and Horizons 2012 all helped our effort,” adding, “Other key partners were the Alabama Development Office, the economic development department of Alabama Power Company and the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama.”