Vision and Values

The IDA is a customer service organization.  The Gadsden MSA is the product we represent to industrial customers.  We strive to provide the best customer service at all times, with the resources available to us.  We do so by:
•  working to save our customers time
•  working to save our customers money
•  helping to fulfill their project needs
•  helping to solve their problems within our purview
•  placing top priority on their satisfaction

We are eagerly responsive to our customers, who are:
•  company executives seeking new production locations
•  plant managers needing to expand or improve existing facilities
•  entrepreneurs wanting to start up new manufacturing operations
•  corporate site-selection consultants and others who assist the above
•  development allies such as the Alabama Department of Commerce

Beneficiaries, to whom we are just as responsive, are:
•  local government, benefitting from additional tax revenues
•  area businesses, which profit from more money spent in our economy
•  residents, who have increased opportunities for new and better jobs

We recognize that industrial development must be a “win-win” proposition.  Therefore:
•  our activities will meet local government needs as well as company needs
•  we target and solicit projects that would be a good fit in our economic base
•  we do not recruit projects that could be detrimental to our community

Our focus will always be on generating results rather than on creating activity.  To this end, we will:
•  maintain databases relevant to our customers’ information requirements
•  research new information of importance to individual customers
•  ensure our data is complete, accurate, and up to date
•  never create false or misleading impressions about our product or services
•  respond to inquiries before imposed deadlines
•  present information professionally and follow up dependably
•  act promptly and creatively to address project needs
•  make available cost-savings programs to new and expanding industries
•  involve development allies in projects to provide best-in-class service
•  participate with local government on product improvement initiatives
•  work with surrounding counties for the betterment of our region

In all instances, all of our actions will be:
•  morally right, ethically proper, legally correct, and make good business sense
•  in conformity with good stewardship of our natural resources
•  non-discriminatory, with equality of opportunity in all respects
•  free of any favoritism or conflicts of interest
•  free of charge; no fees for service are imposed and no gratuities are accepted
•  respectful of the ownership and confidentiality of customer information