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Power and Gas

Alabama Power Company

Alabama Power provides competitive prices, reliable electricity supply and quality service to 1.4 million homes, businesses and industries in the southern two-thirds of Alabama.  More than 78,000 miles of power lines carry electricity to customers throughout 44,500 square miles.  It is one of four U.S. utilities operated by Southern Company, one of the nation's largest producers of electricity.

Its top priority is taking care of customers, keeping reliability high and power rates low.  It has consistently provided electricity more than 99 percent of the time while maintaining prices below the national average.

Celebrating its 100-year anniversary in 2006, Alabama Power was one of the first utilities in the United States to create an economic development department and continues to play a major role in recruiting new industries and helping existing companies expand in the Gadsden area.  It has repeatedly been named a “Top Utility in Economic Development” by Site Selection Magazine.

Alabama Power offers more than 60 pricing options to meet the differing needs of customers. For assistance with rate and service information, contact Blair King, Economic Development Representative, 800-718-2726,, or visit for economic development services and for electrical services and rates.

Alabama Gas Corporation

Alabama Gas Corporation (Alagasco), part of the Laclede Group, is the largest natural gas utility in Alabama.  Tracing its beginning to 1852, Alagasco became a publicly traded company in 1953.  Today, the company serves approximately 425,000 customers in over 200 cities, towns and communities in central and north Alabama.

Alagasco purchases gas from more than 20 different interstate, intrastate and spot market suppliers in order to provide the lowest possible prices to its customers with reliable daily delivery.  Pressures range from 4 ounces to 150 psig, and the heating value averages 1021 BTUs per cubic foot at a specific gravity of 0.57. 

The company’s economic development department works closely with the IDA to assist new and expanding industries in Etowah County.  All services provided are free of charge, and all information is held in strict confidence. 

Alagasco has a variety of programs to meet the individual needs of companies.  Click for more information. The director of economic and new business development is Warren McCullars, 205-326-8118,

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